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Message From Our Pharmacist

At our pharmacy, we truly care for our patients. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical care possible on a very personal and individualized basis. Get to know our experienced team of professionals and develop a long and healthy relationship. You know you can always confide in us for trustworthy and meaningful healthcare advice and service. If there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know.

Prescription Services

Our professionally trained staff thrives in giving you the best care possible. Our service is second to none when it comes to prompt, professional attention. Our pharmacist will personally work with you to better understand your health concerns so that you can achieve the most benefit from your medications. Our certified pharmacy technicians are professionally trained to support our pharmacists, providing them the ability to give you the pharmaceutical care you need and deserve. We are confident that you will benefit in many ways by allowing us to take care of your medication needs.

Rx Wellness Center

At our pharmacy, we believe in a holistic approach to healthcare. Natural medicines, vitamins and herbs can play a key role in preventing many health problems as well as complementing traditional drug therapies. We carry our own line of professionally formulated, pharmaceutical quality products that we can recommend with complete confidence. Our pharmacists understand the complexities of natural medicine and can offer sound, scientifically based nutritional advice. Come visit our Rx Wellness Center to learn more about natural medicine and nutrition and how it can benefit your health.

Immunizations and Vaccinations: We Give Shots

From Flu, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Children's Vaccines, Travel Immunizations, we offer complete immunization services right in our store. With your doctor's permission (by prescription), we can give you your shots quickly and conveniently. You will find our fees are reasonable and our service is impeccable. Please ask us if you have any questions concerning vaccinations and immunizations. At our pharmacy, we are here to help you.

Patient Care Services

At the pharmacy, our goal is to help you in any way we can to minimize the risks associated with your illness. High blood pressure is a good example of a risk that can be effectively controlled with the help of proper monitoring. Check with us to see how we can help you with:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring - come by any time and we will gladly check your blood pressure. Monitoring your blood pressure helps to insure you are getting the most out of your medication and can reduce some of the risks associated with high blood pressure, including stroke.
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring - proper control of your blood sugar can prevent many of the very serious problems associated with diabetes including loss of vision and amputations. Ask us how we can assist you in effectively controlling your blood sugar.

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Center Services

Our service is second to none when it comes to taking care of our patients in a Nursing Home or in an Assisted Living Center. Many times, drug therapies become very complicated requiring constant scrutiny by specially trained and experienced pharmacists to insure the desired outcomes your physician intended. If you or a loved one needs a pharmacist to competently take care of your medication needs, we are the pharmacy to trust. In addition, we offer specialized medication packaging. Tablet and capsule prescriptions can be bubble-packed to improve medication handling and insure accuracy. These bubble-packed punch cards are color-coded to assist in administering the correct dose at the right time. At our pharmacy we truly care for our patients with total dedication and compassion.

Gifts and Merchandise

Our pharmacy is not only a great place to meet your prescription and medical equipment needs, it's also a great place to shop for gifts and other merchandise. Whether you're looking for healthcare products or that perfect gift, we can meet your needs.We carry other great products that make for excellent gift ideas.. So next time you're having a prescription filled, stroll our aisles while you wait -- or just drop in to shop!